Should I eat a Donut for Recovery?

Donut for Recovery

Finishing Strong

Endurance athletes

The Boston Marathon is just around the corner and I find myself thinking of my many friends and clients who will be participating. Athletes across the country are busy training for this and many other endurance events in the coming months. Triathletes, cyclists, runners, hikers, mountain climbers, and so many others are figuring out . . . → Read More: Finishing Strong

Iron Deficiency in Female Athletes

Female athletes are at increased risk for iron deficiency.

Female athletes are twice as likely to develop iron deficiencies as non-active individuals. . . . → Read More: Iron Deficiency in Female Athletes

“Carb Back Loading” ….For Real?

carb backloading


What is Carb Back Loading? It appears to be one of the latest sports nutrition myths to hit the gyms.  The claims are that it can help you to “lean out and gain muscle”. A recent article in Men’s Fitness explains it this way “As the name implies, this . . . → Read More: “Carb Back Loading” ….For Real?

Carb-Loading Tips (and other nutrition hints for endurance events)


 Anyone planning on participating in a marathon, triathlon, century ride, long hike, climb, or other endurance event this weekend or in the near future?

Here are a few quick tips for those of you who are carb loading for an endurance event: Start increasing your carbohydrate intake 3 to 4 days before the event. True . . . → Read More: Carb-Loading Tips (and other nutrition hints for endurance events)

Exercise-Induced “Food Intolerances”

intestinal issues in athletes

Athletes may experience gastrointestinal (GI) problems resulting from food intolerances that are directly related to exercise and which are not a present when not exercising. . . . → Read More: Exercise-Induced “Food Intolerances”

Fueling for Hikes and Climbs


by Sally Hara, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE

 Preparing for a hike or climb includes more than making sure that you have the right clothing and gear.  To really have a successful and enjoyable adventure, you also need to ensure that your body is optimally fueled and hydrated.  It’s not that there . . . → Read More: Fueling for Hikes and Climbs

Sports Drinks: What’s in your bottle??

sports drink

I was recently asked if there are certain sports drinks that I prefer over others. There are actually several sports drinks that I like, use, and recommend, depending on the type, duration, and intensity of training, environmental conditions, and individual considerations for each athlete. It seems like there are new products coming out every . . . → Read More: Sports Drinks: What’s in your bottle??

Nutrition Challenge # 3: Eat Often


One of the most common mistakes I see people make is going too long without eating….For people trying to control their weight, skipping meals or snacks can set them up to fail. …Athletes who don’t eat much during the day are at a disadvantage too, even if they are not at high risk for obesity. . . . → Read More: Nutrition Challenge # 3: Eat Often

Recovery Nutrition on Cold Days

recovery drinks for cold days

There are basic sports nutrition principles for recovery after exercise lasting 90 minutes or more.  The body needs to be supplied with appropriate fuel and fluids to replenish carbohydrate stores (glycogen), optimize muscle tissue repair, and adequately replace fluids and electrolytes.

The most important fuel needed for recovery is carbohydrate.  Most athletes need about . . . → Read More: Recovery Nutrition on Cold Days