Sports Nutrition

sports-nutrition-runAre Your Nutrition Habits Enhancing or Limiting YourPerformance?

Optimizing Nutrition Can Significantly Improve Sports Performance.  Professional sports nutrition coaching may be just what is needed to take your performance to the next level.    

There is a lot of information and misinformation circulating amongst athletes via friends, co-workers, the media and enticing ads for performance enhancing products. How do you sort it out and decide what is fact, fiction, hype, speculation or sensational? A professional sports sports-nutrition-tennisdietitian can help. Sally Hara was the first Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) in the Puget Sound area. She has a background that includes laboratory research, clinical nutrition and exercise physiology. In addition to her private nutrition practice, Sally is a contributing author to the American Dietetic Association’s Sports Nutrition: A Guide for Professionals.  She has taught college level sports nutrition and exercise physiology classes, and is a frequent lecturer to athletic teams, coaches and trainers. An avid road cyclist and fitness enthusiast herself, Sally is knowledgeable and skilled at interpreting and communicating sports nutrition information.      

Maximize: Speed, Performance, Endurance, Power & Recovery
Minimize: Cramping, Muscle, Soreness, Sports, Injuries & Fatigue.

sports-nutrition-bikeAs a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Sports Dietitian, Sally has coached numerous athletes to optimize athletic performance via improved nutrition practices.  She is well qualified to interpret the latest scientific information and convert it into practical dietary recommendations. Sally knows that each athlete has unique nutritional needs based on their level and type of training, medical history, training goals, daily schedule and personal preferences. Because of this, she helps athletes set goals and develops nutrition plans tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual athlete.      

Whether your desire is to become the best athlete in your sport, set a new personal best, or just to cross the finish line without “bonking,” Sally can help you to achieve your goal.      

  ***Eat Smart, Train Smart, Finish Strong!***



For more information on the value of  Board Certified Sports Dietitians to athletic performance, view the video Sports Nutrition. Who Delivers?