Weight Management

ScaleProActive Nutrition endorses a  Non-Diet approach to weight management, integrating nutrition, behavior modification and physical activity.  Emphasis is on getting away from dieting and focusing on lifestyle modification to last a lifetime.

Over the years we have identified patterns, in weight-loss diets and in people, which set dieters up for failure.  We have also studied and observed trends that make people successful at achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. 

If weight-loss diets truly “worked” there would not be new diets on the covers of numerous magazines each month, no one would have a weight problem, and people would not be continuously looking for “the perfect diet.”  The truth is that “diets” don’t work…at least not long term.  Unfortunately, dieters are often quick to blame themselves rather than the diet if they are unable to adhere to a diet or don’t get the desired results.  Most often, however, it is the diet that fails the dieter.  In fact, most weight-loss diets set dieters up to fail.  

Traditional weight-loss “diets” serve to treat the symptom (being over-weight) and don’t address the root of the problem.  For most dieters (especially repeat dieters) it’s not a lack of knowledge that makes them “fail” at a diet.  They know what to do.  What then is the disconnect between knowledge and behavior?  What causes us to do what we know we shouldn’t?  How can we set ourselves up for success rather than failure?  What is it that traditional weight loss diets overlook?  Exploring answers to questions like these is key to determining what DOES work for successful long term weight-loss.